In order to aid Hispanics and other minorities toward achieving a degree in engineering, science, or mathematics, we the founding members have united to form an organization by the name of Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at the University, formerly known as Latino Association Supporting Engineering Careers (LASEC).

It will be our primary goal to help and assist fellow Hispanic and other minority students through our combined cooperation, efforts, and resources in the pursuit of our similar goals. Since our SHPE chapter is primarily an academic organization, our gatherings will consist of instructive, tutorial and organizational meetings on a regular and informal basis.

Realizing the difficult road that Hispanics and other minorities face in these fields, it is thus in the best interest of SHPE to establish a base in which our goals will be achieved.




Section 1:



The name of this organization shall be Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, formerly known as Latino Association Supporting Engineering Careers (LASEC).


Section 1:


The purpose of this organization shall be to:

  1. Maintain and increase the enrollment of Hispanics and other minorities in engineering and science programs at UIC.

  2. Provide information to Hispanics and other minorities in high schools and junior colleges concerning engineering, science opportunities and programs available.

  3. Provide academic guidance and career orientation.

  4. Provide a meeting place for Hispanics and other minorities with similar interests and goals.



Section 1:



Full membership will be limited to University of Illinois at Chicago students. All requirements will conform to the Board of Trustee’s policies regarding nondiscrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national origin. A member may only be expelled from the organization if 2/3 of the active membership votes for his/her expulsion.

All members must meet the Board of trustees policies regarding nondiscrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex or national origin. The current statement is unacceptable.


Section 2:



  1. Membership will consist primarily of but not limited to students in engineering, architecture, technology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and other science fields.

  2. SHPE will follow guidelines set by the university that defines good academic standing.

  3. Active membership shall be maintained on a semester basis (see Article XV)



Section 1:



  1. President

  2. Vice President

  3. Secretary

  4. Treasurer

  5. Fundraising Officer

  6. Public Relations Representative

  7. Outreach Coordinator

  8. Robotics, Engineering, and Design(RED) Team Leader(s)

  9. Academics Officer

  10. Communications Officer

  11. SHPE Jr Ambassador(s)

  12. MentorSHPE Program Coordinator

  13. Activities Coordinator

  14. Graduate Ambassador

  15. Executive Advisor

P.  LeaderSHPE Chair


Section 2:


  1. Active member for 1 year (see Article XV).

  2. 2.5 (out of 4.0) Grade Point Average.

  3. Minimum of four (4) semesters in attendance at UIC for presidency and two (2) for all other offices.

  4. For President and Vice President a previous Board position is required (co-chair and committee are not considered a board position)

  5. For Treasurer and Secretary previous board involvement is required (co-chair and committee members can be considered)


Section 3:


All offices shall be held for one full year effective at the start of the summer semester.


Section 4:


  • All officers must keep a minimum of 2 office hours per week except during the summer term, unless otherwise specified.

  • Continuous Feedback Forms (for all activities) must be submitted by each officer within a week of the event.

  • Expected to attend every board meeting

  • Create and post flyers to promote their events

  • Communicate with treasurer to obtain funding for events

  • Set specific goals for each semester

  • Take pictures and upload on Drive and flickr account


  1. President

    1. Presides over meetings.

    2. Oversee activities between other officers.

    3. Responsible for organizing board meetings at the  board's’ discretion.

    4. Responsible for overseeing weekly updates.

    5. Shall attend the College of Engineering Advisory Board Meetings.

    6. Shall be responsible for keeping connections between our  SHPE chapter and SHPE Nationals.

    7. Shall be responsible for keeping connections between our SHPE chapter and SHPE Professional Chapters.

    8. Shall confirm all funding proposals.


  1. Vice-President

    1. In absence of the president or by delegation, the vice-president shall take over the President’s responsibilities. The Vice-President shall become the Interim President if and when the President resigns or becomes disqualified for the position up to and including the day of the new President.

    2. In addition, the Vice-President shall serve as a co-chairperson for the MERRP Annual Banquet.

    3. Coordinates activities between other officers.

    4. Shall be responsible for keeping connections with our advisors.


  1. Secretary

    1. In charge of the minutes for all Board meetings.

    2. Responsible for the National Report Program (NRP).

    3. Responsible for collecting and organizing Continuous Feedback Forms (CFFs).

    4. Responsible for printing and providing an attendance list for all general meetings.

    5. Provide a Calendar of Events per semester.

    6. Shall be in charge for submitting nominations for member of the month.


  1. Treasurer

    1. Responsible for the organization’s financial accounts and bookkeeping.

    2. Insures funds are not misused.

    3. Responsible for drafting proposals for all events requiring funding

    4. Maintain sufficient funds for normal operation.

    5. Accounts for current membership dues with appropriate receipt.

    6. Promptly reimburse members for SHPE expenditures.

    7. Responsible for providing one treasury report per semester to executive board members.


  1. Fundraising Officer

    1. Responsible for increasing funds within the organization.

    2. Arranges and coordinates activities geared towards raising funds, including the SHPE Scholarship.

    3. Networks with community leaders to raise awareness about organization and acquire funds.

    4. In charge of organizing a fundraising committee to help with fundraising events.


  1. Public Relations Representative

    1. Responsible for the coordination of general meetings.

    2. Establish and maintain professional networks.

    3. Create and post flyers for all General Body Meetings.

    4. Shall be responsible for maintaining the SHPE alumni database.


  1. Outreach Coordinator

    1. Responsible for coordinating/executing events to encourage K-12 grade students to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related fields.

    2. Responsible for coordinating/executing Noche De Ciencias.

    3. Establish and oversee Outreach Committee.

    4. Establish and update a catalog of hands-on activities for STEM events.

    5. Responsible for arranging events in support and assistance to the community.

    6. Maintain community partnerships.


  1. Robotics Engineering Design (RED) Team Leaders (2 Positions - 1 Optional

    1. Oversees design, construction, and operation of the SHPE robot(s).

    2. Assign a captain to each of the robot(s), and delegate members to respective teams.

    3. Responsible for the attendance of the SHPE robot in the Midwestern Robotics Design Competition, and other competitions.

    4. Work in conjunction with Treasurer to attain funds to facilitate the construction of robot(s).

    5. Create a Gantt Chart for each competition.

    6. Document all design changes relating to mechanical, electrical, and coding.


  1. Academics Officer

    1. Arranges and coordinates Noches de Poder.

    2. Maintain and advertise scholarship information.

    3. Coordinate at least two academic related events per semester.

    4. Work closely with MentorSHPE Chair to provide a program for mentees to improve their academics.

    5. Recruit and coach members for the Academic Olympiad.


  1. Communications Officer

    1. Assist members with flyer templates for all events.

    2. Responsible for the publication of at least one newsletter per semester.

    3. Responsible for writing and submitting articles to SHPE Magazine.

    4. Responsible for the maintenance of the SHPE website, and social media.

    5. Responsible for sending weekly updates to the SHPE general body.


  1. SHPE JR Ambassadors (2 positions - Whitney and Juarez)

    1. Represents SHPE JR chapters established by SHPE at meetings.

    2. Works closely with Outreach Chair to involve the SHPE Jr. Chapters in SHPE activities.

    3. Makes sure SHPE JR chapters are represented at the Regional Science Bowl.

    4. Serves as a role model for all SHPE JR members and encourages college enrollment.

    5. Establish a curriculum that can be implemented in both chapters.


  1. MentorSHPE Program Coordinator

    1. Responsible for the recruitment of mentors as well as mentees.

    2. Responsible for organizing events for the MentorSHPE program participants.

    3. Works closely with the Academics chair to provide a program for mentees to improve their academics.

    4. Introduces students to leadership opportunities within SHPE.


  1. Activities Coordinator

    1. Arranges social and recreational events within organization.

    2. Keep attendance for all activities related events.

    3. Responsible for arranging and recruiting teams for various UIC intramural activities.

    4. Plan and coordinate Beginning of the Year, and End of the Year BBQ.


  1. Graduate Ambassador

    1. Responsible for maintaining relationships with graduate students, graduate programs, and the Graduate Representatives for SHPE National.

    2. Recruit and retain graduate students to be involved with the chapter.

    3. Develop events aimed toward graduate students, and their education.

    4. Plan, develop, or advertise events aimed at promoting graduate education among undergraduate members.


  1. Executive Advisor

    1. Responsible for organizing all of the conferences that the chapter will attend (SHPE Nationals and RLDC).

    2. Advise the president on any pertinent matters

    3. Responsible for orders of graduation stoles


  1. LeaderSHPE Chair

    1. Oversee and recruit members for LeaderSHPE board (Freshmen and Transfer students).

    2. Ensure that the LeaderSHPE board plans and executes at least one event per semester.

    3. Host bi-weekly LeaderSHPE board meetings.


Section 5:


A board meeting will be held to remove officers or officer positions. If two thirds of the present executive board vote for the removal of an officer or officer position, then the officer or officer position will be removed. The officer removed must be present at the meeting.

Section 6:



A board meeting will be held to elect officers or officer positions. If two thirds of the present executive board vote to elect the new officer or officer position, the officer elected must be notified and asked to accept the position.


Section 1:



  1. A nomination can be made by any member and must be seconded by another member.

  2. Nominees shall have the option to accept or reject the positions at the nominations meeting through the week and on Election Day.

  3. Nominated members will be checked for eligibility by the Chapter Advisors, this revised list will then be sent to the board for further revisions.

  4. Interim board member(s) shall be appointed by the elected president in case no nominations are received and approved.

  5. Nominations shall be conducted no later than the first week of March.

  6. The length of the candidates’ speeches shall be decided upon at the time of nomination by the president.

  7. Any nominated member not present and without a pre-written speech can be disqualified at the president’s discretion.


Section 1:



  1. Elections shall be held the week following nominations.

  2. All qualified (i.e. active) members of SHPE are eligible to hold office and vote for officers.

  3. Notice of the outcome of elections and appointments shall be made via email.

  4. Voting will continue for one week following the speeches.

  5. The speeches shall be made on the day of elections.  If unavailable to attend elections, speech should be pre-written and given to someone to read that is attending elections.



Section 1:



  1. General meetings of this organization shall be held at least four times per semester (excluding the summer term).

  2. Special meetings may be called at any time by the executive board.

  3. The president will preside at the meetings.

  4. At every meeting, 2/3 or the active membership present will constitute a quorum.

  5. No meeting shall be conducted without the presence of at least four members of the executive board.

  6. In the absence of an executive board member, a member from the committee shall represent the officer.



Section 1:



  1. SHPE shall have one of more advisors which will be either full time faculty members or academic staff persons. Teaching Assistants (TAs) will not be eligible.

  2. The purpose of selecting this candidate(s) will be to insure that the organization is functioning according to its objectives.



Section 1:



  1. Committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the corresponding officer.

  2. Establishment of new committees shall be approved by the majority of the executive board.



Section 1:


Dues will be based on the financial needs of the organization at that time.



Section 1:


Section 1. The organization’s on-campus COF account will be managed primarily by the Treasurer/financial officer.

Section 2. The registration form allows the President, Vice President, and Treasurer to authorize or sign documents concerning funds.

Section 3. All monies collected on campus, MUST BE DEPOSITED into the organization’s COF account.




Section 1:



  1. Advanced notice of the constitutional amendments will be announced at the general meetings.

  2. Amendments can be proposed by any members and will be approved by the executive board.



Section 1:


The aforementioned quorum (Article VII, Section 1D) constitutes a referendum committee, which shall have the power to overrule any actions taken by the executive board.



Section 1:

The name of the organization shall be changed from Latino Association Supporting Engineering Careers (LASEC) to the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.


Section 2:

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers will be a student chapter of the National Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.



Section 1:


  1. Active membership is defined by a point system on the part of the regular members per semester. 75% for board members at Board Meetings. The percentage will be based on the number of events attended by the member divided by the total number of SHPE events.

  2. The executive board shall keep track of this policy through the maintenance of attendance sheets, committee reports and receipts. Each committee chairperson shall be responsible for this tally.

  3. Any member failing to maintain active member status shall lose for one semester the following privileges: Sponsorship and/or attendance to banquets, seminars, conferences, or any discount derived from membership, access to course files, and inclusion in the forthcoming resume book and shall forego the right to run for the executive board if sanctioned during the Spring Semester.