5:30 PM17:30

RLDC Meeting

During this meeting, we will discuss action items that are coming up with the arrival of RLDC. Event planning, document searching, and delegation will also occur in this meeting.

If you're looking for an opportunity to improve your resume or other assistance from SHPE, come on by!  

The room will be in ERF 1047. 

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4:30 PM16:30

Bubble Soccer First Meet!

Bubble soccer, is the recreation/sport of playing football while encased in an inflated torus, similar to a zorb, which covers the player’s upper body and head. This game is typically played in teams in large indoor spaces or outdoor fields. Bubble bump football follows the same objectives and overall rules as regular football (i.e., teams compete to hit a ball into the opposing team's goal) with the added condition that each player must wear an inflatable bubble, similar to a water ball, around their upper torso. (Source: Wikipedia)

This event will be massive fun for everyone! Come on in for a relaxing time! 


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12:00 AM00:00

Women Techmakers Scholarship

The Women Techmakers Scholarship is a one-time scholarship. A group of female undergraduate and graduate students will be chosen from the applicant pool, and scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of each candidate's academic background and demonstrated leadership and impact on community. All scholarship recipients will be invited to attend the annual Google Scholars' Retreat in Mountain View, California in 2018 to connect with fellow scholars, network with Googlers and participate in a number of development workshops.  https://www.womentechmakers.com/scholars

Deadline: December 1, 2017

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2:00 PM14:00

FORD Recruitment @ UIC!

Topics of Discussion

7 Resume Tips

Intern & FT opportunities with Ford

Event Information

SEO 1000 from 2:00-5:00 pm

Monday, October 16th


All are welcome to attend!


Ideal candidates are those that:

·     Have ME/EE/IE/CS/Environmental focus

·     Are graduating within 2 years

·     Have a GPA of atleast 3.0

·     Are U.S citizens

Don’t forget to bring your resume!

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10:00 AM10:00

FermiLab Open House

You are invited to Fermilab’s biggest Open House in decades!

The following is straight from their website: 

"We will host tours, demos and hands-on activities for the whole family — there’s a little something for everyone of all ages to do or see. Visit our experiments, including our giant Muon g-2 magnet. Learn all about Fermilab’s particle accelerators and experiments. Visit the Lederman Science Education Center, see some of our facilities, and watch live video casts with our partners in France, Chile and South Dakota. Have lunch, hike the lab’s restored tall-grass prairie, and say “hi” to our herd of bison. Maybe even take in Mr. Freeze’s popular cryogenic show!" 

Register for this event HERE!

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9:00 AM09:00

NAVISTAR: Corporate Tour

Navistar invites you to be a part of their plant tour. This will include: 

  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch
  • Facility Tours
  • Meet and Greet with Engineers/UIC Alumn/Executives 
  • Mock Interviews
  • Information on how to enter their employment process (interns and full time)

Transportation WILL be provided, we will meet at UIC and transport you to the plant and back. 

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4:30 PM16:30

General Electric: General Body Meeting

Join SHPE, NSBE, and SWE in welcoming General Electric to UIC with our second GBM of the semester. This is a unique opportunity because you will be able to meet with GE representatives BEFORE seeing them at UIC's annual Engineering Career fair. As usual, food and refreshments will be provided!

***Please remember to sign in, this helps us sponsor food and refreshments for our events. 

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5:00 PM17:00

NAVISTAR: General Body Meeting

We are very excited to join up with NSBE and SWE to host Navistar at a general body meeting. Navistar representatives are looking for talent and have many positions to fill! They are going to invite YOU to tour their campus and inform you on how to become a candidate for their open employment opportunities. You DO NOT want to miss out on this! 

As usual, food and refreshments will be provided. Please do not forget to sign in, this helps us sponsor the pizza and refresments! 


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4:30 PM16:30

LeaderSHPE Meeting

Come and find out what it means to be a part of the LeaderSHPE committee. A general plan for the semester will be discussed. The LeaderSHPE Committee was created with the goal of getting new and current SHPE members more involved within the society. Through the LeaderSHPE program, members are made responsible for many of the more smaller public events that SHPE hosts. From fundraisers to community service, members are given the chance to develop leadership skills as well as becoming more familiar with other members in the society, and the SHPE board itself. Learn more about what role LeaderSHPE plays for the society by checking out our programs tab! 

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3:00 PM15:00

MentorSHPE Meeting

Meet people interested in being mentors & mentees! The goal of the MentorSHPE program is to help incoming students transition into the university environment. The new mentees are paired with experienced student mentors, who provide them with advice and motivation during their studies and academic career. This is a great way for new students to meet equally dedicated and like-minded individuals. Plus we also offer social events every now and then! 

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