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We have many events for outreach. some of main events are Noche de Ciencias where we expose the youth of our community to STEM. We have a couple of these events every year. We want to reach out and change these kid’s lives, while also educating them about the opportunities of college. We also inform the parents about college and let them know that their kids are not alone. To the right, we have some volunteers at one of our events. Help us impact the community with your volunteer service.

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There are many opportunities to volunteer with fundraisers. When you join SHPE at UIC, you can sign up for events and serve your community. LeaderSHPE is also a branch that helps with volunteering for fundraising. They help get the materials and set up the There are fundraisers from food to video games. One of our main fundraisers was a tournament for a video game. It was very successful, thanks to our volunteers. Here were the winners!



With this branch you can have time to relax and have some fun. We have activities ranging from sports to helping with other branches like LeaderSHPE and fundraising. Last year we had men’s intramural soccer, but this year we are implementing more sports activities for women too. The activities branch can be a place to make new friends and even become a member of SHPE at UIC. Come and join us!